Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can you expect from is one to take care of used, unwanted, damaged, unregistered, written-off and accidental car collection centre. The company is also ready to pickup such vehicles from your home. Furthermore, their cash for cars, 4wd, truck, van and Utes make it more helpful for the customers in terms of removal.

How much do you offer for complete vehicles?

There are several types of quotes for the vehicles- cash for cars upto $3999, cash for 4wds upto $4999, cash for utes upto $5999 and cash for trucks upto $9999. Since the valuation are done from their condition, makes, model and the status of the REGO so each vehicle will be paid for their different value.

How long does it take to get paid and removal of a vehicle?

The process is simple three steps to paid till pickup. We work six days in a week, from Monday to Saturday. If you are looking for instant car removals, call to our experts and make it priority basis so we can get it done within few next hours. If customer call us in morning time, we pay them in next two hours.

Do you charge anything for car valuation? What if we don’t accept your quote?

Car valuation for any vehicle is completely free of cost. Customer will never get forced for any such services whether they accept the quote or not. It is your property and you can go ahead with someone else if get better deal than us.

What do you do with my wrecked car after buying it?

That is really good question and most of the persons ask about their privacy concern. Since we are the auto reyclers and never misuse your identity as your plate is removed and submitted to the authority. Once you allow to us to remove your vehicle, our team collect it from your location, next then dismantle for parts. It is the process of End of Vehicle Life so do not worry for future misuse.

Do you buy cars those have critical engine issue?

Yes, we buy such cars as well. Customer needs to explain about the car working status, even our evaluation team always ask, so we always pickup such engine issue vehicles from home. The same you will never go for fix these any mechanical issue either, engine or tyre.

What are the primary service areas out of Brisbane?

Our team will never let you disagree if you belong to the 60 kilometres of the radius of Brisbane south. As we cover all major cities of Queensland along with top pickup points includes, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast and other rural areas.

Do you buy car for parts?

Yes, we buy cars for parts as well as scrap only. Therefore, you do not worry about the any condition for removals. For parts, we first check that what are the reusable parts, we also recycle them.

What are the paper work and who will take care of it?

Our process of cash for cars is simple and hassle-free than others where we do not require time taking paper work. What you need to do is just need an owner’s ID proof (driving licence or government issue id or passport), rest we will do it right there.

How will I get paid when selling my car?

There are three major options of the payment mode that we generally offer, cash and cheque online bank transfer. It depends on owner’s own choice whichever they want, we will pay them with any mode.

Do we receive any selling documents or proof?

Yes, customer always receive the proof of selling. We will get you invoice from the company that is your legal proof.